17th Annual Fiesta de La Feria – Saturday, February 27, 2010

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February 25, 2010
A message from La Feria City Manager, Sunny K. Philip
February 26, 2010

17th Annual Fiesta de La Feria – Saturday, February 27, 2010

Welcome one and all to our 17th annual Fiesta de La Feria. This is when our town comes together to celebrate another successful year. Everyone is invited to enjoy great food, music, shows, and the unique culture here in south Texas. There are many planned events that range from a Grito contest to a good old-fashioned pie baking competition. This year’s event gets started at 9:00 AM on Saturday, February 27, 2010.

La Feria has made some new and welcome changes for its citizens and visitors. I extend my invitation for you to try walking the 1 ½ mile walking trail at our new La Feria Nature Center. Or just walk the smaller ½ mile walking trail that is beside the children’s playground. There are several ponds that accommodate our feathered guests and will provide many hours of enjoyment to avid bird watchers. Our new wastewater treatment plant is also near the Nature Center and is up and running and servicing our community. You will notice that our downtown has a new look, and our Sports Complex now has a much improved walking trail. We hope that by next year there will be even more improvements to show our visitors. We have several ongoing projects already in the works. These include the expansion of our Bailey H. Dunlap Memorial Public Library, a Cultural Arts/Community Center, and our City Parks upgrade project. So come and enjoy our achievements as La Feria continues to grow and expand.

On behalf of all La Feria’s residents, I would like to thank the many volunteers that serve on the various committees. They tirelessly give so many hours of their time. They help our city make the Fiesta and all the other events very successful. It is because they help our City staff, that we can provide these events to help our community come together throughout the year. Every year the events seem to grow and multiply. We now have the 4th of July Picnic/Fireworks Show, Christmas Tree Lighting, and the Christmas Parade/Winter Festival, in addition to the Fiesta. Come down to La Feria and join us. We are a small town with a big Heart. Enjoy the good music and food all day long. Spend a day or a lifetime—you’ll love our city!

Steve Brewer
Mayor of La Feria