A message from La Feria City Manager, Sunny K. Philip

17th Annual Fiesta de La Feria – Saturday, February 27, 2010
February 25, 2010
La Feria Market Days 2010
March 5, 2010

A message from La Feria City Manager, Sunny K. Philip


The La Feria community just finished one of the best years in its history (2009) despite the reeling effects of Hurricane Dolly and the economic meltdown. The visionary community building efforts are moving at a fast pace and the positive results can be seen throughout the community. The compassionate, hardworking residents, dedicated leadership, committed volunteers and employees, and, yes, the blessings from the almighty, are the perfect ingredients for the success we enjoy. Although several construction and improvement projects have been completed, plans are being pursued to undertake more projects, maximizing grant opportunities to benefit the community.

Two new non-profit organizations have emerged to undertake specific causes in and around the community, and the City of La Feria congratulates and thanks the individuals who are accepting the task of guiding those organizations. The La Feria Independent School District, one of the best in our area, is invigorating plans to enhance the learning opportunities for the students and their ensuing higher education. Business assistance programs and entrepreneurial development opportunities are being developed in our community. Thousands of Winter Visitors spend the winter with us and efforts are made to attract the retiring residents from other areas, to locate in our community.

Parks and recreational opportunities have been tremendously improved with the completion of the new La Feria Nature Center, for the enjoyment of the residents and visitors.

La Feria is a wonderful place to call home with a lot of promising opportunities. I invite you, your families, businesses and visitors to check out those opportunities developed and offered by the people of La Feria for your convenience and enjoyment. Join us on February 27, 2010 for a wonderful day as we celebrate our 17th annual Fiesta de La Feria celebrated at the heart of the city.

I wish you a great 2010 and may God bless you abundantly.

Sunny K. Philip
City Manager