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July 21, 2010
Public Notice
September 20, 2010

Shop La Feria First

“Shop La Feria First”

The City of La Feria is embarking on a new campaign to help stimulate the economy in La Feria.  In an effort to promote local businesses and to capture a higher share of the local sales, the City initiated a new program titled, “Shop La Feria First.”

The City Commission has endorsed this campaign and passed a resolution on August 31, 2010 to bring awareness to this cause.  The resolution, in its entirety, will be published in the La Feria News edition of September 22, 2010.  You can also download a pdf copy of the resolution here Resolution 2010-23 Shop La Feria First.

Take a minute to read it and remember that La Feria is your community. 

Before venturing out to neighboring cities, see if you can find it in La Feria first.  If you cannot find it in La Feria, talk to your business owner and ask if they can stock that item.

Banners have been placed at strategic locations and printed materials will be available at City Hall.  Also, look for red T-shirts with the slogan “Shop La Feria First.”  You will be able to purchase a T-shirt at City Hall for $5.00 around mid-October. 

Join the City leaders and help us to keep the momentum in this promotion and remember, “Shop La Feria First.”

Sunny K. Philip, City Manager