The City of La Feria held its Christmas Parade on December 13, 2014.  The winners in the float category were:  1st Place – Noemi Dominguez Elementary; 2nd Place – C. E. Vail Elementary; and 3rd Place – VIP – La Feria RV Park.

The winners in the marching unit category were:  1st Place – Noemi Dominguez Elementary; 2nd Place – La Feria High School Ballet Folklorico; and 3rd Place – La Feria High School Mighty Lion Band.

See photos.

IMG_20141213_172849 IMG_20141213_173225 IMG_20141213_173234 IMG_20141213_173237 IMG_20141213_173254 IMG_20141213_173301 IMG_20141213_173311 IMG_20141213_173437 IMG_20141213_173446 IMG_20141213_173452 IMG_20141213_173525 IMG_20141213_174430 IMG_20141213_174507 IMG_20141213_174519 IMG_20141213_174703 IMG_20141213_174707 IMG_20141213_174729 IMG_20141213_174800 IMG_20141213_174819 IMG_20141213_174828 IMG_20141213_174845 IMG_20141213_174910 IMG_20141213_174915 IMG_20141213_174923 IMG_20141213_174931 IMG_20141213_174944 IMG_20141213_175112 IMG_20141213_175115 IMG_20141213_175120 IMG_20141213_175128 IMG_20141213_175147 IMG_20141213_175152 IMG_20141213_175252 IMG_20141213_175302 IMG_20141213_175308 IMG_20141213_175328 IMG_20141213_175335 IMG_20141213_175420 IMG_20141213_175453MT01 IMG_20141213_175504 IMG_20141213_175514 IMG_20141213_175526 IMG_20141213_175533 IMG_20141213_175543 IMG_20141213_175551 IMG_20141213_175556 IMG_20141213_175801 IMG_20141213_175807 IMG_20141213_175822 IMG_20141213_175856 IMG_20141213_175939 IMG_20141213_180047 IMG_20141213_180106 IMG_20141213_180150 IMG_20141213_180158MT01 IMG_20141213_180328 IMG_20141213_180336 IMG_20141213_180416 IMG_20141213_180425 IMG_20141213_180457 IMG_20141213_180539 IMG_20141213_180544 IMG_20141213_180557 IMG_20141213_180611 IMG_20141213_180628 IMG_20141213_180635 IMG_20141213_180704 IMG_20141213_180728 IMG_20141213_180735 IMG_20141213_180738 IMG_20141213_180807 IMG_20141213_180811 IMG_20141213_180834 IMG_20141213_180913 IMG_20141213_180923 IMG_20141213_180959 IMG_20141213_181010 IMG_20141213_181017 IMG_20141213_181048 IMG_20141213_181107 IMG_20141213_181122 IMG_20141213_181124 IMG_20141213_181218 IMG_20141213_181300 IMG_20141213_181303 IMG_20141213_181325 IMG_20141213_181348MT02 IMG_20141213_181442 IMG_20141213_181447 IMG_20141213_181512 IMG_20141213_181515 IMG_20141213_181530 IMG_20141213_181543 IMG_20141213_181555 IMG_20141213_181605 IMG_20141213_181616 IMG_20141213_181651 IMG_20141213_181716 IMG_20141213_181757 IMG_20141213_181813 IMG_20141213_181826 IMG_20141213_181842 IMG_20141213_181854 IMG_20141213_181900 IMG_20141213_181906 IMG_20141213_181917 IMG_20141213_181931 IMG_20141213_181935 IMG_20141213_181948 IMG_20141213_181958MT01 IMG_20141213_182005 IMG_20141213_182055 IMG_20141213_182111 IMG_20141213_182125 IMG_20141213_182128 IMG_20141213_182207 IMG_20141213_182211 IMG_20141213_182228 IMG_20141213_182246 IMG_20141213_182255 IMG_20141213_182301 IMG_20141213_182310 IMG_20141213_182313 IMG_20141213_182326 IMG_20141213_182437 IMG_20141213_182442 IMG_20141213_182457 IMG_20141213_182527 IMG_20141213_182545 IMG_20141213_182556 IMG_20141213_182643 IMG_20141213_182646 IMG_20141213_182656


February 19, 2015

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The City of La Feria held its Christmas Parade on December 13, 2014.  The winners in the float category were:  1st Place – Noemi Dominguez Elementary; […]
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