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November 12, 2014
Christmas Cards at City Hall Complex
November 23, 2014

MCL Coliform Violation (TCR 22)

The City of La Feria Public Water System (PWS) ID #0310003 has exceeded the Maximum Contaminant Level (“MCL”) for coliform bacteria.  The MCL is based on the number of Routine/Distribution and/or Repeat coliform-found samples:  The MCL for coliform bacteria is exceeded if:  1) A PWS submits FEWER than 40 Routine/Distribution samples per month, and more than one compliance sample (i.e. Routine or Repeat) is coliform-found.  OR  2) A PWS submits 40 or more routine/distribution samples per month, and more than 5% of the compliance samples (i.e., Routine and Repeat) are coliform-found.  Due to this violation, the City of La Feria is required to publish a public notice which will appear in the “La Feria News” on Wednesday, November 26, 2014.  For a copy of that notice, click here:  Public Notice – MCL Coliform Violation (TCR22)