Planning and Community Development


The City of La Feria Comprehensive Plan for 2007 – 2025 is a very lengthy document; therefore, it is displayed here in chapters.  See the following.

Cover and Table of Contents

Ch 1 Summary

Ch 2 Economics

Ch 3 Population

Ch 4 Housing

Ch 5 Land Use

Ch 6 parks and recreation

Ch 7 Thoroughfares

Ch 8 Central Bus District

Ch 9 Subdivision Regulations

Ch 10 Zoning Ordinance

Ch 11 Capital Improvements

Other documents of interest are:

Zoning Map – September 2010

Building Permit Application

Business Permit Application

The City of La Feria Hazard Mitigation Plan for Public Review.

City of La Feria HMAP December 2016 Public Copy

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Juan Ortiz 
Planning Director